Are you a foreign student? Do you need to speak French at work? Do you want to discover France ?

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Our profession:

We teach you how to learn or improve French language skills, from a linguistic, cultural and/or professional point of view.

Our pedagogical approach:

Our educational method, recommended by the Common European Framework of Reference (CECR), combines both the communicative and “actional” approach, that is actions monitored both by teachers and participants. For further information, click here.

Our aim is to:

- Give you the means to be autonomous in French, that is use the six communication competences (oral and written comprehension, oral and written production and interaction). But you can focus on one competence in particular.

- Help you become interactive with French people: that is speak with them on meetings, parties or daily situations (when you buy bread or a train ticket or order in a restaurant, buy goods, contact the Office of Tourism about a trip, open a phone line, etc…).

- Coach you in true to life situations (restaurant, bakery, supermarket, etc..) with or without a teacher.

In addition, we can prepare the DELF (Diplôme d’études en langue française), TEF (Test d’évaluation de français) and TCF (Test de connaissance du français) exams, within the general French course.

Within specific French courses, we work on the six communication competences that specific to your job and in accordance with your position. We aim at preparing you to work with French Natives or Francophones, that is to be able to introduce your company and products, to negotiate contracts, to inform and advise a client, make reservations, maintain diplomatic relations, examine patients, etc..

Your methodology:

You must consider yourself not only as a learner within the strict educational framework of our course but also as a social actor in true to life activities organized out of class.

Our teaching tools:

French as a Foreign Language manuals, Internet, CD-ROMs, DVDs, CDs and authentic documentation adapted to teaching purposes, etc..

Your documentation:

Within the general French course, you can supply your own authentic documents: newspaper articles, advertisements, movies, songs, literary texts, etc..

Within the specific French courses, we recommend students to bring their own business papers.

As these documents may be confidential, FLI guarantees that no copies will be kept. But we need these papers to be handed before class, so that we can adapt them for teaching purposes.

Your/Our improvement:

Our teaching strategies depend on your progress.

Your/Our test:

A self-evaluation test is needed to measure your specific needs and make a learning program to measure.

Your “à la carte” options:

You must choose the course best adapted to your needs. Teaching contents (number of hours given outside or on your accommodation spot) will be established with you on the first meeting.


Bonus :

Learning French with TV5, click here.

Oral comprehension with RFI, click here.

For beginners, click here.

Written production : click here.



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